Disney Legacy Challenge

Would you guys like me to start a new challenge?

As for the custom content, I have a few pay hairs and then it’s mostly EA store stuff. On the old computer I had all of it, I’m not sure how much I have on this laptop. I uninstalled Pets and Generations got lost along the way too so that could explain some of the loss.

I was just wondering if you play with CC or not? And also whether you have a new tumblr for your new sim or whether you're continuing your Disney legacy on this one at some point? P.S I love your sims stories :)

Thankyou so much :) I actually lost the save.. I got a new laptop and uninstalled the game on the old computer without moving the save file over. I was thinking of starting again.. I could change the things I wanted to that way but I’m not sure. I was really enjoying the challenge :)

Her name is Valencia Thorn. She lives in Hidden Springs

So I got a new computer, and forgot to move my save game over and now it’s gone :(

I’m thinking of starting again, the quality of this laptop is pretty darn awesome and the game runs so smooth it’s like I’m learning to play all over again because everything is so fast.
My old computer took about 20 minutes to fully load the game and this one does it in less than 5.

I will post some screenshots that I’ve taken with this new computer. If you think I should start again maybe send me a message or like this post?
A little motivation never hurt :) 

Promotion at work means new stage outfit for Snow :) I think that Roman is a fan of Snows new look

After her date with Roman it was back to work for Snow. She had wanted to be a famous singer ever since she was a little girl and now she had nothing to hold her back.. except for maybe her concern over her brother Rains relationship.

Molli and Jessie turned up at the end of the night. Snow really enjoyed singing a duet with her Mum.

Roman took Snow to her most favorite place. Snow really loves karaoke, REALLY!

Roman was going to take Snow on the best date ever.